Monday, January 16, 2012

Beating the Bell Curve

I was at an agile training course recently and got chatting to a manager about the absurdity of stack ranking – only to find that he liked it! Blew my socks off. Then talking to a few others I find that he was not alone in his views. There are people that still think this is a good idea!?!?!?

Okay, you are sensing my position on this. Yes, I think stack ranking is one of the worst practices you can introduce to your company. Unless your goal is to create an atmosphere of dog eat dog competition and kill collaboration.

Agile methodologies have their seat in collaboration and communication. I really hope the guy I chatted with will put into practice all that her learned at the course and come to value collaboration over competition.

I hear only horror stories from people unfortunate enough to work in forced stack racked companies. If this is you – find yourself another company.

Agile companies value passion. If they see passion and the ability to work with a team (i.e. collaboration), they will hire you, because that is rare and hard to find in today’s employment marketplace.

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